REST APIs underpin the internet but are still painful to work with. They are often untyped, unstandardized, and out-of-sync across multiple sources of truth.

With Fern, we aim to bring great developer experiences to REST APIs. At AWS and Palantir, we saw first-hand how code generation tooling allows developers to build faster without worrying about the pitfalls of API development. We’re building Fern open source to bring that tooling to every software company.

Today, companies use Fern to automatically generate:

We're a tiny team building a product that aims to be used by every software team in the world. Ambitious work is fun, join us…

Open roles

Founding Backend Engineer

<aside> 🗽 We work in person, and our office is in the East Village of New York City.


Our values

  1. Honesty is the best policy: Don’t lie.
  2. Best ideas win: Open discussion and debate allow us to make better decisions.
  3. Write it down: Before you embark on a project, communicate your plan in writing. Afterward, document the results and share them.
  4. [It’s early. Join us and have an impact on our culture 🙂]

About our team

Who we are


Danny is a co-founder at Fern.

He was at AWS before and studied business at the University of Michigan, where he met Deep (→).


Deep Singhvi is also a co-founder.

He previously was an engineer at Palantir, working for customers like the US Army.

Where we are

🗽 Our office is located in the East Village of New York City.

Our investors